(Concierge Desk Service)

Attract, acquire and retain top talent and position your company as one of the "Best to Work For!" - by providing the ultimate employee benefit program - a corporate concierge desk

Provide a work / life benefit that creates balance for your employees & executives.

Make your business stand out from the rest with a world class Employee Benefit Programme

Boost your overall company morale & productivity with our services.

And finally, get your clients to sing your praise with our concierge-based loyalty programmes

This is what we offer:

  • • Grocery shopping & related retail errands
  • • Pick up/drop off documents/deliveries/dry clean 
  • • Pay for vehicle licence
  • • Handyman (at home)
  • • School kids shuttles
  • • Car service and wash
  • • Any other specific concierge that your employees & clients need

(Family Aid Service)

As as family or a working professional, are you struggling with mainatining your home and work life?


  • • Shuttle kids to and from school

  • • Shuttle kids to venues of extramural activities

  • • Arrange your vehicle to be delivered and picked up for service, or if you prefer, we pick you up from dealership to work in the morning and back in the afternoon

  • • Take your car for a car wash during the day, or any other repair/upgrade/attention scheduled

  • • Household maintenance (plumber, electrician, gardner, chef, maid, etc)

  • • Retail errands

  • • We look after your home when you are away, AND look after your family when you are on vacation.

  • • We extend our services to standalone homes, homes in Estates, Apartment Blocks, and Retirement Villages

(Business Partnering Service)

Are you a one man show in your business?

Do you feel overwhelmed with what you need to do? 

Don't stress - delegate!! We are your virtual PA

We are here, with the bottom-listed services designed to relieve you of any stress that you may be going through as a small business owner:

  • • Small deliveries and general logistics solutions

  • • Business admin services

  • • Managemernt shuttles

  • • Any other specific errand requests that you may have

(Virtual PA Service)

Are you travelling on business or holiday? 

Are you ready to put your feet up and allow us to take care of you while you are travelling?

Allow us to take care of the mundane tasks, giving you time to focus on the important matters.

This is what we do for you:

  • • General and specific errands

  • • Shuttles (beach, mall, meeting)

  • • Valuables safe keeping (mobile safes)

  • • Retail errands

  • • Dry clean/laundry

  • • Any other customised requests that you may have

Service Rates

A. Ad-hoc service: Deliveries - R6/Km.
Time-based service - R180/hour

B. Regular or "contract" service: Affordable monthly packages (flat rate) are available on request. Costs range from R600pm to R2000pm, depending on service demand.




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